We've Been Family Operated Through Generations!
Your Trusted Family-Owned & Operated Pet Training Center For Over 40 Years.

I have had my first dog for about 9 years now and this is our go to grooming spot! We now have two dogs and they treat them both lovely.

The staff is amazing with all the animals. The business is family owned and know all the regular doggies by first name lol! When my dog first started coming, he was very snappy (he is with everyone) and needed a muzzle, he's now muzzle free and excited too see them!

Washing and grooming is inexpensive, especially for such good service! They also have little hotel rooms for dog sittings which are so cute! Annnnnd what makes is even better, ITS SO CLEANNNNNN! & my babies come out like they're ready for a doggie runway!

We board our boxer and pug here.

We also just had our nervous boxer trained. He is much better now.

I would recommend this place.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Danny. His dog training saved my dog from having to leave our family. My dog behaves very well when out and follows commands in the home and out. I am now the leader of the pack.

where do i even begin? i have three full breed yorkies. normally when its time to get them groomed i always have to schedule them one by one because most other pet groomers are packed! but that was not the case at this place, they accommodated for me to be able to bring in all 3 same day :).

my fury little love bugs went in on a saturday morning and came out looking super cute that afternoon. each of their cuts were great. i have two male yorkies so i opted for them to be shaved down since the weather is warming up and for my female yorkie, i wanted her shaved but still have a girlie appeal, they did that perfectly and even added a cute little pink on her head.

their prices are great too, all three of my puppies were a solid 135$, NOT BAD AT ALL, which included an oatmeal bath, cutting of the nails and shaving. absolutely recommend this place.